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Raiffeisen San Giorgio Trail

PRO TIP: Race valid for the new ASTi trail cup

The Raiffeisen San Giorgio Trail will have you running in an extraordinary and unique environment as it is one of the most important fossil deposits in the world from the Middle Triassic, a geological era between 247 and 237 million years ago. 

You will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover a natural environment of exceptional beauty on your doorstep. 

The route of the race will take you from the picturesque village of Riva San Vitale up to the summit of Monte San Giorgio, tackling almost 900 metres uphill before returning to Riva San Vitale along a ridge through the woods. 

We hope that the colours in September will give you further stimulus and energy to tackle the 11 km and a little more of this route, which we are sure will give you strong emotions and put you to the test not only on the ascent but also on the descent: a real double challenge for an adrenaline-filled trail running. 

  • Maximum participants for this edition: 250 runners
  • Dog Trail
  • Info and registration on: www.sangiorgiotrail.ch


  • OPENING Sun: 10:45
  • CATEGORIES Sports events