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Plogging Challenge

Rubbish Hunting Week 2021

Plogging versus Littering
Plogging is a sporting activity that originated in Sweden. It involves picking up waste while running or moving around, combining physical exercise with cleaning up the area. It is therefore an initiative to combat littering, i.e. the bad habit of throwing waste or abandoning it carelessly in the environment.

As part of the campaign to raise awareness of the problem of inconsiderate waste disposal, a special plogging action is being organised by the Dipartimento del territorio (DT) and the Azienda Cantonale dei Rifiuti (ACR) in close collaboration with other towns in the Canton, including Mendrisio.

The waste hunt is free and open to everyone: individuals, families, schools, companies, etc. Those interested are free to choose the routes and duration of the cleaning activity, wearing comfortable or sports shoes and clothes and bringing gloves, a sack or bag (reusable if possible) to collect the litter, which will then be taken to the collection point in their own town; in the case of Mendrisio, to one of the 46 Ecopoints distributed in the ten districts.

There is also the possibility of winning interesting prizes by taking one or more photographs of the waste collected in the area. Photos can be shared on Instagram with the hashtag #tiplogging2021 or sent by e-mail to tiplogging2021@gmail.com by 18 September 2021 at the latest.
The categories of photographs awarded:

  • Weirdest rubbish;
  • The least conspicuous waste;
  • The most striking collection site;
  • Group or family collection;
  • ... and the most creative reuse.

Happy hunting! We look forward to your photographs.


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