Image 0 - Once upon a time the Pangaea

Once upon a time the Pangaea

+41 is a cultural association born in Ticino from the desire to promote and spread culture and contemporary art between Ticino and the various linguistic regions of Switzerland. Through the organisation of exhibitions and artistic events, +41 aims to create new synergies between those working in the artistic and cultural field, promoting young Swiss artists and intensifying the links between specialists in the field.

The first exhibition project organised by +41 is Once Upon a Time the Pangaea, an exhibition inspired by the metaphorical image of the supercontinent, a symbol of a deeper meaning of union and cohesion.

Taking part in the exhibition are: Kevin Banto, a young Swiss-French artist; Ronja Römmelt, a Swiss-German multidisciplinary artist; Massimiliano Rossetto, a visual artist from Ticino and Vera Trachsel, a plastic artist from Ticino but of Swiss-German adoption. The works of the four artists will dialogue with an important site for the Mendrisiotto area, the Torre dei Forni of the former Saceba cement factory, on the slopes of the Parco delle Gole della Breggia in Morbio Inferiore.

Access to the exhibition is only possible with a COVID certificate.


  • OPENING Fri... Sun: 13:00 - 18:00
  • CATEGORIES Exhibitions and fairs