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La Belvedere

When words like sweat, effort, sun, cold, wind, rain, slopes, suffering, finish line, remember moments, hours, years riding a bicycle.


The awareness of having spent part of our precious lifetime, to receive in exchange moments of joy, in the most absolute freedom. Joy lived in solitary intimacy or often shared with unforgettable friends, on endless roads articulated in changing landscapes... This is “La Belvedere”, the spark that revives the passion that never drowsed for cycling that lives in you.


Professional cyclists, amateur’s o just bicycle aficionado: we will come all together for the second edition of La Belvedere, to discover Mendrisiotto.


Ready for the start, let’s go!


There are three routes available, from which you can choose the one that best suits you:


Belvedere Classica

It is a route suitable for those who have a minimum of training. Very interesting to discover thanks to passages in places that have made the history of cycling. It offers a panoramic tour of the area with short stretches on dirt roads and passages between the most beautiful vineyards of Mendrisiotto

Distance: 36 km
Ascents / descents: 879m / 879m
Min/Mas height: 243m / 585m


Route map Classica


Belvedere Panoramica

It represents a quite demanding itinerary, dedicated to the most sporty. It needs an athletic preparation appropriate to the effort required. The first part follows the same route as the Belvedere Classica, then continues towards the Serpiano from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Ceresio: not to be missed! Going back along the same road you return to Meride and then continue along the route of the Classica until you arrive in Mendrisio.

Distance: 44 km
Ascents / descents: 984 m / 984 m
Min/Mas height: 241 m / 671 m

Route map Panoramica


Belvedere Brevetto

The route is identical to the Belvedere Panoramica but after a few kilometers from the start proposes the climb of the left side of the Muggio Valley to Cabbio and then descend from the right side to Morbio Superiore. A real route for climbers that winds between the valley of Muggio, named Swiss landscape of the year 2014, and Monte San Giorgio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Distance: 48 km
Ascents / descents: 1455 m / 1455 m
Min/Mas height: 241 m / 677 m


Route map Brevetto


For more information and registration, www.labelvedere.org - info@labelvedere.org


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    Sun: 07:00 - 18:00
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