Image 0 - Kid’s Time a LaFilanda!
Image 1 - Kid’s Time a LaFilanda!
Image 2 - Kid’s Time a LaFilanda!
Image 3 - Kid’s Time a LaFilanda!

Kid’s Time a LaFilanda!

Lots of new ideas for families. 
A spring of appointments to satisfy the desire to be together!

The regular weekly events for children and adults at LaFilanda have now reached 40.
For children and families, a full programme is on the way, with many special events under the heading "Kid's Time". 


  • Crochet for everyone: one chain leads to another
  • Felt pencils
  • Let's play with Pro Montagna
  • Blue and animals (1st meeting opportunity)
  • Pink
  • Martin the Little Wolf
  • Banana war
  • Felt bunnies
  • Blue and the animals (2nd meeting opportunity)
  • Pedibus and its friends
  • The game of the Breggia Gorge Park
  • Fairy tale and music at snack time


  • CATEGORIES Get-togethers , Theatre