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Jazz in mostra

As in the past for the exhibitions Cuno Amiet, Max Beckmann, Nature and Man and Ancient India, the Museo d'arte Mendrisio is organising an extraordinary concert for the Sergio Emery retrospective.

The museum, a place par excellence devoted to silence, will be transformed for the occasion into a large sound box thanks to the improvisations of four exceptional jazz musicians:

  • Max Ionata, tenor sax
  • Bebo Ferra, guitar
  • Riccardo Fioravanti, double bass
  • Nicola Angelucci, drums

The soloists, moving freely through the rooms, will be inspired by the works on display, giving the viewer a vision enriched by the presence of music. The sound material elaborated individually by the musicians inside the museum will flow - at a later date - into an open-air concert in the splendid setting of the Chiostro dei Serviti.

The event inaugurates Jazz in mostra that the Museo d'arte Mendrisio intends to continue regularly alongside its own exhibitions.

The ticket (20.-- CHF/€) includes entrance to the exhibition and the concert with non-numbered seats.

Reservations are compulsory by calling 058.688.33.50 or emailing museo@mendrisio.ch by Friday 11 June 2021


  • OPENING Sat: 17:30