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Jazz Culture and Music Festival

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The Jazz Culture and Music Festival celebrates its 25th birthday this year, to the delight of fans of that musical genre who have been following the concerts organised by the Cinema Teatro in Chiasso with affection and attention for decades.

Twenty-five years of success, of musical research, of jam sessions, hundreds of performances that have seen the most prestigious names on the music scene, flanked by rising stars, promising young people and experimenters.

Not only connoisseurs but also those approaching the festival for the first time or who want to deepen their musical culture will find concerts capable of creating unforgettable emotions.

Three evenings that are not only musical but also convivial. An opportunity to appreciate, in a setting made particularly evocative by the layout of the hall - no longer a theatre but a jazz lounge bar - the performances of iconic performers of that art form that over the course of the twentieth century has continually evolved into a great variety of styles and sub-genres.