Image 0 - Gala concerts in our region
Image 1 - Gala concerts in our region

Gala concerts in our region

There are several active philharmonic bands in our region, and they have been part of the territory and tradition of the Mendrisiotto for many years.

And it is at this time that the bands come together to give the gala concerts in which various pieces and programmes are proposed to satisfy all the tastes of the public.

The appointments

  • 02.12.2024 - Ensemble vocale Vox Clara, Chiesa parrocchiale, Melano
  • 08.12.2024 - Circolo Mandolinistico Aurora, Chiesa di San Michele, Brusino Arsizio
  • 08.12.2024 - Coro Polifonco Benedetto Marcello, Concerto di Natale, Chiesa dei Cappuccini, Mendrisio
  • 17.12.2024 - Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano, Chiesa di San Carpoforo, Bissone
  • 17.12.2024 - Luceat Ensemble: Concerto di Natale, Parrocchia di Rancate


  • CATEGORIES Music , Classical music