Image 0 - Fiore di pietra - Events 2020
Image 1 - Fiore di pietra - Events 2020
Image 2 - Fiore di pietra - Events 2020
Image 3 - Fiore di pietra - Events 2020

Fiore di pietra - Events 2020

Also this year at the Fiore di pietra at the top of Monte Generoso there will be food and wine, musical, astronomical and magical events on board the steam train.


  • Exhibition Barcodes scenario- Matteo Fieni: 08.06-08.11
    The selection of images presented by photographer Matteo Fieni (born 1976, Mendrisio, Switzerland) in this exhibition reflect on the act of photography itself. They offer a comprehensive summary of the visual research he has carried out over an approximately four-year period, since 2016, in Zurich, Paris and Milan, on the correlation between the symbolic encoding of the barcode and images assembled through superimposition.


  • Sunset Apero: every Friday from 19.06 to 28.08
    Start the weekend with a wonderful view!
    The offer includes: cogwheel train round trip, appetizers and live music.
    Booking required!


  • Matinée: Apero-Jazz panoramico!: 21.06/ 19.07/ 30.08
    Jazz Aperitif at the peak from 11:30 a.m!
    Dedicated to those who love good music and a show in natural surroundings at 1704 metres altitude on the Panorama terrace, suspended between heaven and earth.
    Travel by train based on the tariff plan, free concert and aperitif à la carte.


  • Steam train: 28.06/12.07/26.07/09.08/23.08
    The steam train dating back to 1890 is the oldest still in operation in Switzerland, while the trains from the 1950s transport passengers back to the days of the Belle Époque.
    Prices: Adults: CHF 80.00, young 10-15 years: CHF 70.00, young 6-9 years: CHF 60.00.
    Reservation is compulsory (seats: 52), travel time: 1.5h/2h.
    In case of bad weather conditions the steam train will not operate


  • Ticino evening: 11.07/ 18.07/ 25.07/ 15.08/ 22.08/ 29.08
    Tradition meets passion on the Fiore di pietra reaturant!
    The offer includes cogwheel train round trip, Ticino specialties buffet, water and coffee, Ticino Music.


  • The Generus Alphorns: 01.08
    In the past the alphorn was used by shepherds to call the cows from the pastures into the barn at milking time, or as Betruf, a call to summon people to the evening prayer. Today they have become a tourist attraction and a symbol of Switzerland; they win the hearts of all listeners with their unique and mysterious sound. At 10.30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
    Travel by train based on the tariff plan and free concert.


  • Silence…the Perseids will be on stage: 10.08
    Poets and artists from all over the world have been inspired by this long night, better known as the Night of the Stars of Saint Lawrence.  In order to appreciate this event we recommend you bring your own binoculars. 
    The offer includes round trip Capolago-Summit with the electric rack railway + Observatory.


  • Generoso Trail: 25.10
    Welcome to the second edition of the Generoso Trail, an amazing uphill run that will take you from the town of Mendrisio to the summit of Monte Generoso, at an altitude of 1704 metres above sea level. 


For further information, please consult the website: www.montegeneroso.ch


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