Image 0 - Fabio Tasca - Giuseppe Chietera, Facing Scapes
Image 1 - Fabio Tasca - Giuseppe Chietera, Facing Scapes
Image 2 - Fabio Tasca - Giuseppe Chietera, Facing Scapes
Image 3 - Fabio Tasca - Giuseppe Chietera, Facing Scapes

Fabio Tasca - Giuseppe Chietera, Facing Scapes

The season of photographic exhibitions at Casa Pessina in Ligornetto - the space that the city of Mendrisio dedicates to the photographic scene - starts again in 2022 with the 16th chapter of a season that the Museo d'arte Mendrisio inaugurated seven years ago and that has been able to carve out an important role as a specific and dedicated exhibition venue. 

Facing Scapes is a four-handed project that brings together the work of two different photographers: Fabio Tasca and Giuseppe Chietera. The exhibition, curated by Barbara Paltenghi Malacrida, proposes their respective reflections on the theme of landscape and the relationship with space through an arrangement in which the works coexist in a dialogue of vision even though they are in geographically distant places.

A contiguity of distance that allows an expressive and lucid comparison between Fabio Tasca's black and white images and Giuseppe Chietera's colour ones.

As Vega Tescari writes in the beautiful critical essay in the catalogue «The photographed spaces look at each other and dialogue, but at a distance, they are not reflected in each other. They outline a concrete and physical path, but also a mental and imaginary one. Tasca's black and white and Chietera's colour belong to the same geography, which is for the most part indefinable: places that the gaze transforms into views or panoramas. The reference to the scape in the title is more interrogative than enunciative. If it weren't for the captions that direct us towards a certain place, it would not be possible to say where we are».  


  • OPENING Sat... Sun: 14:00 - 18:00
  • CATEGORIES Exhibitions and fairs