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Climathon Mendrisio

Climate and food: the Mendrisio Digital Climathon seeks solutions to reduce the climate impact of our food system.


By 2020 the Climathon will be back in Mendrisio again, but this time in an entirely digital version. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, it will not be possible to organise a big event in attendance: all activities will take place online, with the help of tools that allow interaction within the teams and with other participants, experts and coaches who will help the teams to develop their ideas.

The theme chosen for this year is that of the climate impact of our food system, which will be based on four targeted challenges. One challenge will be dedicated to food production: in this case, the focus will be on livestock farming and the use of fertilizers and fertilizers for agricultural soils. Another challenge will take the consumer's point of view, in particular how to consciously re-orient individual choices towards food with a low climate impact. Another challenge will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in food processing, transport and packaging from farm to fork. Finally, a challenge will address the problem of food waste: an imperative not only for climatic reasons but also from an ethical, social and economic point of view.


For any information, please contact us:
Francesca Cellina - SUPSI-DACD-ISAAC - tel. 058 666 6261 or francesca.cellina@supsi.ch


  • OPENING Sat: 18:00
  • CATEGORIES Get-togethers