Image 0 - Caravaggio Reloaded

Caravaggio Reloaded

A new cross-border collaboration is born. The exhibition space and gallery ArtFolder, directed by the photographer and artist Lydia Stadler Centonze, has entered into an artistic and programmatic partnership with Tablinum Cultural Management.

Caravaggio Reloaded stems from the desire and need to tackle a highly personal project, in which to seek the sum of many artistic experiences and combine them in a wide and varied research linked to the mixture of the classical and the modern. Over the years Paolo Angelillo has approached painting, music and photography, always as an interpreter, without ever trying to create something new or highly personal, since he has always dedicated himself to the study of art, approaching it through a process of reproduction. Now, in order to explore the creative aspect, he has decided to give life to the Caravaggio Reloaded project.

Through photography, and a careful study of poses, lighting and materials, Angelillo has tried to paint the atmospheres and messages of one of the greatest artists who ever lived in digital form once again, in the hope of paying homage to him by trying to offer a different perspective on his eternal and ever-present works.

The exhibition Caravaggio Reloaded is born from the curatorial concept of Tablinum Cultural Management and is part of the annual review NewArtOrder 2021 conceived for Tablinum Cultural Management by Elisa Larese and Alessandro Cerioli.

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