Image 0 - CANCELLED: Cinema Theatre - Theatre Season 2020/2021

CANCELLED: Cinema Theatre - Theatre Season 2020/2021

It is a difficult year this 2020: a year that calls into question all certainty and that forces us to face a new future, with blurred outlines and that can also inspire fear.


Culture in the broad sense - from music to theatre, from dance to art - can give us comfort, becoming a fixed point in everyone's life, a beacon that helps us find our way home, a moment that makes us feel good. Why not go beyond restlessness? Why not imagine a new beginning, a rebirth? Long before 2020, long before the world was looking for new lights of resilience, the Chiasso Cultural Centre had decided to focus its activities for the period 2020/2021 on the theme of genesis, as an origin but today perhaps also as a (new) birth. 
The Cinema Teatro di Chiasso has never ceased to believe in the ability of art to go beyond crises; and so it enthusiastically presents its new Theatre Season.


For further information, please consult the programme.


Given the particular situation, please contact Cinema Theater Chiasso directly on +41 (0)58 122 42 78 for further details


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