Dolce vita, 365 days a year.
When you’re on holiday, do you like a good night out? You’re in the right spot, then: the sheer variety of events taking place in Mendrisiotto & Basso Ceresio will blow you away. The cultural agenda is packed with musical and food festivals, concerts, sport events and shows, more than enough to take care of your lust for real life. All year round and seven days a week, there’s no time to get bored. Plenty of the events here are designed to suit every range of age and taste: enjoyment is guaranteed, both for you and your family. While you’re waiting for Chiasso Letteraria, your partner might want to attend the Historical Processions, while your kids can’t wait for the start of Summer and Festate: one family, many passions. Likewise: one region, a multitude of events. Our calendar is packed full with incredible spectacles. Isn’t it time you put a few of them in your diary too?