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Tend to your real holiday needs and nurture your passion!

If you love the countryside, Mendrisiotto is the place for you. Come and discover
the farming traditions of the area, perhaps attend one of the many special events,
and grab the chance to visit a local farm!

If you are interested in ‘traditional’ vegetables, a visit to the ProSpecieRara Centre is a real treat.
Have you ever seen yellow Swiss chard or red corn? No?
You’ll enjoy the guided tour then! Afterwards, try a delicious glass of mead in Melano,
where the liquor is produced.



Some fifty hectares of land in Mezzana are home to the Cantonal Agricultural Facility
and an array of livestock, fruit and vegetable gardens, bees, vines, and a wine cellar.
Afterwards, spice up your stay with a visit to Ticino Peppers,
a farm cultivating chillies with organic methods and rhythms.

Nurture your holiday needs. Discover the region’s farms.

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