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Mendrisiotto, a great vintage.

For many, Mendrisiotto is synonymous with great wine. With 360 hectares of vineyards
extending over the gentle hills, the region is the most important wine growing
district anywhere in Ticino. This area alone accounts for 40% of all Swiss-Italian grapes.
If you love a good glass of wine, come and taste the Mendrisiotto...

Enjoy a choice of three trips through vineyards in the area.
They’re all great, but each offers a slightly different focus: discover what it takes, in terms
of growing techniques, to obtain great produce, deepen your understanding on the relationship
between man and vine, or explore that between wine growing and the ‘terroir’ itself.

All three circuits let you relax among the neat rows on the gentle hills.
You’ll be amazed by the panoramic views over the entire region, and be able
to admire the slopes of Monte San Giorgio too. Delve into some artistic and natural beauty.

Visit Mendrisiotto: every year is a perfect vintage.

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