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Mendrisiotto in five stages.

Five cultural itineraries, five fascinating worlds to be discovered,
packed with the best of historical sight-seeing. Grab your comfy shoes and camera
and delve into the local history of Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio: let’s start exploring!

Once you begin, you may never want to stop.

Cultural itinerary of the Monte San Giorgio

Palaces and churches, little lanes and grand doorways revealing splendid inner courtyards:

this is Mendrisio. Here you can hire an audioguide, a little piece of technology

to help you discover the details behind the town’s hidden marvels.

In Chiasso, why not explore the ‘ramina’, the fence marking the border which
both separates and connects Switzerland and Italy.

There are learning-panels to deepen your understanding.

Afterwards, why not explore Monte San Giorgio, included by Unesco on its World Heritage List.

Discover the Valle di Muggio itinerary and delve into the history of a valley
of farmers and migrants. And finally, relax in the Valmara: an area which spans
from the lakeshore right up to the slopes of Monte Generoso.

Five engaging ways to get to know this intriguing region.

Cultural itinerary of the Muggio Valley

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