Tue 6°C

Take your seat and enjoy the show.

It’s been at the heart of Chiasso’s night life since the 1930’s.
Its list of opening nights has included operas, classical music concerts, operettas
and movie projections. It’s regularly attracted well-known stage personalities...
are you ready to join its long list of guests?

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, Cinema Teatro Chiasso!

It’s not just a theatre. An incredible variety of events takes place in this venue.

You’re sure to find something special, that’s suited to you:
Festate festival, dance, live music or Jazz Festival? Or why not all of them?

After a day by the lakeside or in the mountains, the time arrives for a little

of the ‘dolce vita’ and a night out on the town. Sip a refreshing aperitif or indulge

in a delicious dinner and then take your seat.

The show’s about to begin!

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