Natural parks

To each natur, its own Park.

From wetlands to summits, through gentle hills. Many are the Mendrisiotto
and Basso Ceresio natural parks, and all of them know just how to satisfy your
need for a little breathing space. Get your walking boots on
and enjoy one of the dozens of adventures through untamed flora and fauna.
Are you ready for a trip into the wild?

Visit the Gole della Breggia park and travel back in time through rocks rich
with fossils and some 200 million years old.

Journey through forest to wetland, and afterwards wander the fields of the Pre Murin natural reserve, or immerse yourself in the beauty of the stunning Parco del Laveggio path between Capolago and Riva San Vitale.

Or why not make your way to the Penz Park, location of Switzerland’s southern-most point?

A whole network of beautiful paths fans out from there. Don’t leave though,
before indulging in a stroll through Val Mara or the Valle della Motta park,
the climate in both is perfect for walking!

Adventure and relaxation. Choose your nature.

Get inspired...