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Guided tours: a great little extra

If you like to discover an area with the help of an expert tour guide, you’ll find plenty here
who can satisfy your thirst for that extra insight. Thanks to their excellent knowledge
of the regionyou’ll learn things that you simply can’t find in any of the books.
Explore hidden corners and unexpected marvels. Are you ready to take in the local culture?

They might lead you on an exploration of the Gole della Breggia Geopark,
or take you for a tour on the lake. Become a real rock enthusiast
at Monte San Giorgio Fossil Museum or learn how to make the famous Zincarlin cheese.
Discover all the richness and variety of Mendrisiotto.

Alternatively, make a new friend in Morsetta, your virtual guide, and let her take you
on a seven-stage adventure that’s suitable for the entire family.
Your kids will adore traveling with this young, fun explorer!

A personal touch for an unforgettable experience.

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