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What's your favourite sport?

If you’re keen on sport, then come prepared to be active in Mendrisiotto.
Discover a region where you can feed your passion in a climate
that’s very mild all year-round, and which boasts state of the art infrastructure.
There is plenty to tempt even the least-active into a little action.
Why not come and see with your own eyes?
Ready, steady, go!

In every season throughout the year, sport opportunities abound. Summer is ideal for taking advantage of the stunning lakes, with wakeboarding, windsurfing or stand-up-paddleboarding.
If that sounds a bit too complicated, why not just grab a more traditional kayak?

In Winter, try a fitness trail or ‘relax’ with a little yoga. Not your cup of tea?
Need a bit more of an adrenaline rush? Then why not take a horseback adventure or test your limits with paragliding? What a thrill, and what a view!

Mendrisiotto just loves sport.

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