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Parco Rivalago

The Rivalago park is the perfect place to spend time between friends, with your family or simply to take time on your own in order to forget the wild rhythm of the city life.

Acquired in 2014 by the Riva San Vitale commune, the park is open to the public since June 2015 and benefits from an exceptional location: possessing a surface of about 4’500 square meters, the park is contiguous to the communal beach which is also publicly accessible. Not only does the park give its visitors the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sights of the Ceresio lake, but it allows them as well to wander around in a quiet and idyllic environment immersed in nature.

The park is indeed sheltered from the noise and the views of people passing by, as it is concealed behind a villa. Once its entrance crossed, you will be amazed by the surrounding nature and atmosphere. Relax yourself on a bench while admiring the environment or lay down on the lawn in the trees’ shadows, you will surely get relaxed.

Open to everyone, the park is a meeting point where people have the opportunity to benefit from a relaxing break that will allow them to recharge their batteries in a unique environment.

The park is open every day.


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