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Albergo Diffuso Monte Generoso

The Albergo Diffuso Monte Generoso is a unique project of its kind in Ticino!

The aim of this innovative project is to network and optimally manage the affiliated activities that operate in the hotel industry and manage public establishments, hotels, residences, holiday homes, B&Bs, restaurants, cafés, and other activities or promotions in the tourism and gastronomy sector.

In order to achieve this objective, ADMG can implement all measures to preserve, revive and promote the Monte Generoso area (extending from Sighignola to Bisbino) and in particular the 3 geographical areas:

  • Valle di Muggio
  • Bellavista and Monte Generoso
  • Val Mara

The ADMG assists the owner of the structure in the organisation of the activity, in the definition of prices, furnishing and service parameters.

The first renovated structures as part of the project are ready to welcome new guests: the popular and appreciated Osteria con alloggio Manciana, Ostello di Scudellate, Casa dei Gelsi and Alpe di Caviano.


  • VENUES Suitable for families , Accommodation for groups