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Intangible heritage continues to impress.

Watch an event that’s been taking place for 400 years. Take part in a real, living tradition.
If you’re in the area on Holy Thursday or Good Friday,
you simply cannot miss the impressive spectacle of Mendrisio’s historical processions.
Prepare to be completely enthralled, you won’t regret it!

This extraordinarily special event is now listed as part
of UNESCO’s worldwide list of Intangible Cultural Heritage,
which seems like a pretty good reason to visit, doesn’t it?
How many other events can boast such a pedigree?

In the Mendrisiotto region itself the processions are always very eagerly anticipated,
with local people keen to both participate and admire the spectacle,
and particularly the very special atmosphere created by the ‘trasparenti’, large, luminous,
translucent canvasses depicting episodes from the Gospel and the Old Testament.
Visit the new "Museo del Trasparente" in Mendrisio!

It may be ‘intangible’, but it’s sure to leave its mark on you.

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