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Tastes of all time.

When the torrid heat of summer arrives people look for the cool of the grottos below the branches of very old plane trees sipping a cup of Merlot, tasting a soft goats’ milk cheese, a Zincarlin from the Muggio Valley or soused fish.

Fine food is offered everywhere thanks also to the many typical local products of the Mendrisiotto. Humble but tasty dishes in the grottos and taverns, refined interpretations of country cuisine in the elegant restaurants.

The products of the land are often the mirror of a territory.

Like the small cheeses from the Muggio Valley, known for the typical aroma linked to the characteristic flora and to ancestral techniques. Honey is also sought after as well as the animal products, among them a fragrant ham on the bone.

Once it was a staple, today the chestnut is queen in the very popular country festivals where you can find roast chestnuts, flour, bread, cakes and jams produced with this fruit and also home-made butter and ricotta, medicinal herbs, nut liqueurs, local eau de vie (grappa) and a precious olive oil.

The grape is queen too; it is human and natural scenery, work, community life, folklore, tourism, identity. Merlot, a sought-after wine gaining excellent results in competitions, in specialised guides and famous restaurants, is a vine of Bordeaux origin which became established in Ticino over 100 years ago.

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