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Land of artists.

The Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio Region has been home to rather famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects for centuries; from the famous architects Francesco Borromini, Carlo Fontana and Carlo Maderno working in Rome to Mario Botta; from the sculptors Vincenzo Vela and Apollonio Pessina to Remo Rossi and Ivo Soldini; from the writers Francesco Chiesa and Alberto Nessi to the naturalist Luigi Lavizzari and to the many young local artists, painters, writers, photographers and musicians who make the artistic life in this area very interesting.

As well as land of artists the Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio Region is also a land of art. Those who love to discover an area on calm walks will find precious artistic and architectural treasures in almost all the villages. The cultural activities and museums offer a rich choice of entertainment: ancient and modern exhibitions, of local rural culture, sculptures, painting, graphics, architecture and also model train and fossil exhibitions.

But it must not be forgotten that this land is also extremely modern and dynamic and that, thanks to the Academy of Architecture, it is an important place of European culture.

Its cultural dynamism is also seen in the many events and in the programmes of the Cinema Teatro in Chiasso, an architectural jewel from 1935, open not only to prose and cinema, but also to contemporary dance and music.

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Our suggestions.

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